The Senate fulfils a powerful oversight and inquiry role in Australia’s political system.

Insight Strategy specialises in advising clients on the unique and influential role the Senate plays and the need for clients to engage not just with the Government of the day, but with non-Government Senators to ensure that the best outcome possible is achieved.

Legislation Advice

All Government legislation needs to be considered by the Senate where it will either be passed, amended or rejected.  Most legislation is also inquired into by a Senate legislation committee. 

Insight Strategy can draw on its Senate expertise to advice clients who have an interest in a piece of legislation on what will happen in the Senate, and also how clients may use a legislation inquiry to their advantage. 

Senate Inquiry Advice

It is very rare for the Government of the day to have a majority in the Senate.  This means the Senate will quite often launch an inquiry into a public policy issue that could impact on or in which an organisation has an interest. 

Insight Strategy can advise on:

  • Submission preparation;
  • Appearing before the committee if called as a witness;
  • Political intelligence and analysis in regards to an inquiry;
  • Key committee influencers;
  • The political risk to a business or organisation from a Senate inquiry;
  • How to get the most benefit out of an inquiry;
  • Managing the reputation risk to the client from an inquiry.

Public Policy Advice

The Senate will often initiate a public policy debate separate to that of the Governments policy agenda.  There are various ways the Senate does this and it can provide a good opportunity for an issue of interest to an organisation to be put on the public policy agenda.

Insight Strategy can provide advice and guidance to enable a client’s public affairs objective to be advanced through this process.