Welcome to Insight Strategy

A boutique public affairs consulting firm combining over 25 years’ experience, committed to providing strategic advice to assist clients meet their public affairs challenge.

Every clients’ public affairs challenge is unique requiring tailored advice that aligns with the clients’ public affairs business objective.

At Insight Strategy we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a client’s public affairs challenge.

Working with the client and their team, Insight Strategy is committed to providing personalised solutions to achieve the best outcome to meet the clients’ public affairs objectives.

Healthcare Expertise

Insight Strategy can provide healthcare companies and associations with strategic advice and practical assistance to develop solutions for today's health industry challenges.

We have extensive expertise in the health arena, successfully representing both healthcare companies and associations.

Senate Expertise

The Senate fulfils a powerful oversight and inquiry role in Australia’s political system.

Insight Strategy specialises in advising clients on the unique role the Senate can play in shaping legislative and regulatory frameworks, the role and impact Senate inquires can have, and how the Senate can and does shape public and policy debates that could impact on a business or organisation.

Financial Services Expertise

Insight Strategy offers strategic and practical advice to the financial services industry to develop solutions to allow them to meet their public affairs challenge.

Financial Services is a highly regulated industry and always at the forefront of both political and public policy debate.  This is only going to continue.