Insight Strategy specialises in assisting clients both manage, mitigate and navigate political risk. 

A Global Risk Management Study by Accenture found that most companies do not measure or manage political risk, yet political risk is no less a threat to an organisation than other business risks.

Many forms of political risk exist and can be a threat to an organisation.

It can include:

  • A new policy announcement by either the Government or the Opposition as the alternative Government;
  • The announcement of legislation that could have either intended or unintended consequences;
  • A public inquiry to be conducted by a committee of the Parliament;
  • Regulations that add unintended costs to doing business or disrupt how business can be done;
  • A change in Government process that could impact on business.

Political risk, like financial risk, operational risk, reputation risk or compliance risk is no less a threat.

Insight Strategy can assess the political risk threat and devise the strategy needed to both minimise, manage and navigate this risk.

By addressing and minimising political risk, an organisation can better navigate not only the political environment, but ensure the financial, reputational or operational costs posed by this risk are contained.